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The I-55 Firebirds are a fun group of Pontiac Firebird lovers in the St Louis Metro area, and all along I-55 Highway with members from Chicago to Louisiana!    Some of which we have yet to meet, and many of which we see at many of our local events!   Our club began as the Troy Trans Ams as a search to find as many Trans Ams as we could in my hometown of Troy, Illinois.    After we found several cars outside of Troy, and several that were not Trans Ams, we changed our name to the I-55 Firebirds because of our location next to Interstate 55.

The I-55 Firebirds does several local cruises, fundraisers and car shows in and around the St Louis area.    This could sometimes mean just 2 of us gather to have lunch, or 15-20 of us meet with a more aggressive plan.   We would love to meet you and your bird and experience the friendships that these classic cars produce!   Our signature event, called the FirebirdFest,  started in 2021, and brought in 140 Firebirds from 22 states!    Through FirebirdFest, we have now donated over $15,000 to several charities including Central County Community Outreach program, Backstoppers INC, and Music Therapy programs designed to help young folks with cancer and other blood diseases!    


 We are very proud of the work that they do, and happy to help in some small way!    We realize there are so many less fortunate than ourselves, and we feel blessed to be able to use our cars to gather friends from across the country for a  great purpose for our community!   Thanks to everyone who has brought their Firebirds to St Louis and helped to make a difference in our community.

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