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The FirebirdFest was created by Rod Haffer and the I-55 Firebirds Car Club, to give Pontiac Firebird owners an exciting unique event in the Midwest to call our own.   But it was more important to us that we also give back to our community in other ways besides bringing tourists into our local economy.   Approximately 10% of all registrations goes directly to our Charity, THE SONG SOCIETY.   100% of all donations and auction items sold during FirebirdFest also goes directly to THE SONG SOCIETY!   Your participation is passionately appreciated by all in our communities in the St Louis region.

WARNING!!!!   IMPAIRED DRIVING and DANGEROUS DRIVING:    By Registering and participating in FirebirdFest, you are agreeing to abide by these rules and contribute to making FirebirdFest and safe and fun event for all.    There is absolutely NO BURNOUTS or IMPAIRED DRIVING at anytime during FirebirdFest and you will be asked to leave if you do not adhere to these rules!   You are also assuming all responsibilities and dangers associated with your behavior and poor choices.    While at FirebirdFest, and at all our scheduled locations, you are expected to follow all rules and laws for each location and respect all authorities!   There will be no warning, and don't get mad at us when you are asked to leave!   It is everyone's responsibility, and also common sense, to be in control of your vehicle at all times during FirebirdFest.  Nobody wants to be put in danger by your behavior!    

Privacy Policy

None of your personal information is ever shared with anyone outside of the FirebirdFest LLC!  Your personal information is never sold to anyone and is only used for FirebirdFest administration purposes.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds.   If the FirebirdFest event is forced to cancel due to covid 19 or any other reason out of our control, we will try our best to reschedule at later date that works with all our partners and sponsors.   This is a rain or shine event except in extreme circumstances that our committee feels it's unsafe to continue.    If a portion of our 4 day weekend of activities is cancelled, the other events will continue as scheduled.   Again there are no refunds, full or partial!

Age Restrictions

The FirebirdFest event and the FirebirdFest LLC are both family friendly entities.   We do not discriminite to anyone of any age, race or gender.   Children of all ages are allowed at all our events as we encourage the next generation to fall in love with the Pontiac Firebird just as we have!    To purchase a plan and to drive your Firebird in our event, you must be of valid driving age and have a valid drivers license in your state of residence. 

FirebirdFest 2024



The I-55 Firebirds are a fun group of Pontiac Firebird lovers in the St Louis Metro area, and along I-55 Highway.  Our club began as the Troy Trans Ams as a search to find as many Trans Ams as we could in my hometown of Troy, Illinois.    After we found several cars outside of Troy, and several that were not Trans Ams, we changed our name to the I-55 Firebirds because of our location next to Interstate 55.

The I-55 Firebirds do a lot of local cruises and car shows in and around the St Louis area.    We would love to meet you and your Firebird, and experience the friendships that these classics produce!   Our signature event, started in 2021, brought in 140 Firebirds and we had 228 came in 2022!  270 Cars arrived in 2023 from 31 States, including CANADA!   We have donated just over $30,000 in just 3 years to First Responders, Community Outreach Programs, Kids Rock Cancer, and THE SONG SOCIETY!   We are very proud of the work that they do, and happy to help in some small way!    We realize there are so many less fortunate than ourselves, and we feel blessed to be able to use our cars and our club with great purpose for our community here in the St. Louis area!

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